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How it works

Students who are eligible for a reduced course load should plan to meet with SDS and their advisor early in the semester to establish whether a reduced load is needed. Reduced course loads through Students Disability Services must be disability related and are meant to be planned and taken early in the semester so that students are taking an effective course load from the outset. Late in the semester reductions should be related to unexpected changes in disability related needs and may require documentation.

SDS provides an eligibility letter to students to upload in SEAM as they put in a ticket to request the reduction; SDS shares eligibility and confirmed use of a reduced course load with advising and financial aid.

What constitutes a reduced course load?

Reduced course loads must be approved for any undergraduate dropping below 12 credits. Students can elect to take as few as 12 credits without an official reduction but taking less than 15 credits per semester may extend time to degree completion.

For graduate students the number of required courses may vary. For graduate students in fulltime programs, dropping below 9 credits would require approval to take a reduced course load. For those in part time programs, dropping below 6 credits would typically require approval.

How is course planning impacted?

Students should connect with their advisor or program coordinator to ensure that reductions can be factored into course and degree planning in an effective way. Some courses are only offered in a certain term, courses can be required as prerequisites, and planning may need to be done well in advance to ensure students are aware of all potential effects.

How is financial aid factored in?

Students on financial aid should connect with their financial aid counselor.

Graduate student funding can be tied to other sources. Students should make sure that their advisor and department are aware of the need for a reduction so that any financial considerations and funding impact can be factored into the process.

Are there additional reasons to use the reduced course load accommodation proactively?

Reduced course loads are taken within a broader context that includes deadlines to withdraw from classes as well as completion rates to maintain academic standing and financial aid. Waiting to request necessary reductions until later in the term can risk impact from these systems. Make sure you discuss with SDS how the reduced load will best accommodate your needs from the outset of the semester. It is not meant to be used to remove courses where students are performing poorly or to preserve GPAs.