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Students work with SDS in part to be able to maintain confidentiality around their specific disability as they request accommodations. Faculty should regard all disability related information that is shared with them as confidential unless students have given you permission to share it with someone else. In most situations, students will determine the level and extent of disclosure around their disability. The only information shared by SDS is what needs to be known in order for accommodations to be effectively coordinated and implemented.  


The National Center on Disability and Journalism maintains a Disability Language Style Guide that provides basic guidelines and a comprehensive set of recommendations around terminology. When working with students, please follow their cues to understand how they identify and refer to themselves. Some may use terms such as disabled and others may not embrace that identity even as they are eligible for and requesting accommodations. Some common terms and euphemisms can be offensive and even derogatory. Please review this guide so you can be using language that is welcoming and inclusive of disability.