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Student Disability Services (SDS) offers ongoing programs for faculty and teaching assistants that focus on understanding and appreciating disability, inclusive teaching, and engaging effectively in the interactive process of providing accommodations and services. We encourage all faculty to watch the current annual SDS Faculty Program Spring 2023 — Anticipating and Accommodating Students with Disabilities to ensure that you have all the information needed to prepare for and include students with disabilities in your courses.

Upcoming programs:

Please check back for these; we will add them as scheduled!

Previously recorded programs:


SDS is available for consultation with faculty or teaching assistants if a question or concerns comes up about how to provide accommodations and work effectively with students with disabilities.  Please reach out if there are concerns about how a particular accommodation will work within the structure and learning objectives of your course. Finally, before saying “no” to any accommodation requests, please reach out so we can explore the request to determine if/how it could work or if there is an alternative accommodation that can be offered.

There is also a range of things faculty can do to ensure that courses are accessible and inclusive of students with disabilities.