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AIM Instructor Portal

Instructor Portal Guides

Student Disability Services uses and accommodation management database called AIM to coordinate our services. The Instructor Portal allows faculty to log in and view students’ academic accommodation letters in one place, as well as provide SDS with essential information about their courses.

To bookmark AIM’s Instructor Portal, use this link:

Check out the following guides to learn how to use AIM as an instructor.

Basics of the Instructor Homepage

How to: Log in, view the current term’s accommodation letters, and export a student list.

Export a List of Student Accommodations to Excel

You may have quite a few letters to keep track of- here’s how you can get a spreadsheet detailing the core accommodation information for all of your students across all classes.

Please note that this method cannot show additional information and accommodation descriptions included in individual letters, so please make sure you read each letter you receive to double check no information is missed!

Excel: Formatting the data and using filters

Create and Format Tables

Open the CSV file from AIM with Excel, either in your browser or desktop app. Select all of the data (ctrl+a or command+a is the shortcut) then choose ‘Format as Table’ from the ribbon. You can choose any color scheme and then make sure the check box for ‘My table has headers’ is checked!

Filter Data in a Table or Range

The small arrows that show up next to each header will allow you to sort or filter by the data in that column.

Add an Additional Instructor to a Course

Have a faculty member or TA that needs to access accommodation information but is not listed as an instructor on SIS? Here’s the best way to get them added on AIM.